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So, it begins

January 29, 2010

First of all! Who the fuck got the “dishoomdishoom”  username and its variations on blogspot, and they don’t use it! Sir (or Madam), you should be bitchslapped!

So I don’t know why am I writing this blog, perhaps I just need to keep writing. Haven’t written in ages, apart from why food inflation in Pakistan is such a bitch when it comes to gaussian assumption of residuals… bah! Also, my grammar sucks! Chaddo jee!

Anyways, so I am your typical lahori munda, a bit “burger-ised,”. I am the AFC crispy burger according to this. I’m living on the east coast, doing god knows what. I think I’m being deported soon. Note to self: upgrade the “About Me” section in 6 months. Also, I think I let my alter-ego do the taking over here. Perhaps it might help the shrink a bit.

And yes, don’t expect greatness. I revel in mediocrity… and some of that Bollywood. And yes, “Kashmir Hamara Hay”. Kidding. Perhaps. Maybe. No! Mostly, I shall talk about ….. I guess music… and… films… and what if Katrina and Kareena make babies together.

Anyways, The weekend is here, and Ishqiya is releasing this weekend! I’m excited about the movie because Salman Shahid is playing a baddie.  Would like to see more of him. Also, I’m in love with “Dil To Bacha Hay Jee”!! (UF!!UFF!! UFFF!) I’m curious to see how it pans out though. Had been disappointed too much recently by Bollywood. The question remains, should I spend $10+$10+$5 to see the movie, or utilize my torrent-savvy skills. We’ll see, I suppose.

And for weekend listening, I recommend

Even though if the only merit of the video were Humayun “The Stud” Saeed chasing various attractive women of the Pakistani TV (Maria Wasti, Resham, Mona Liza (!) [who is Himesh Reshammiyya’s next c0-star], and the really pretty women from the Fuzon video), I would have watched it. However, the song is awesome. I’m not a big fan of the latest Sufi bandwagon on which everyone is trying to get on, especially because of the impetus by the indian record labels. However, the veteran Saieen Zahoor hits back, with some help of Waqar Ali (!!) I love it, and it will be on repeat over the weekend. See me get bored with it, in the next post.

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  1. Sohaib Athar permalink
    January 30, 2010 12:14 am

    behtareen hai jee behtareen.

    kareena and katrina babies yum yum. priyanka should totally be the nanny.

    and salman shahid is in ishqiya? as in, apna salman shahid? woah.

    oh man, mona lisa with himesh? fuck me in the ass. and the other girl is called amina sheikh. i believe she is mohib mirza’s wife. and faisal qureshi looks like a total douche in that beard. but asif raza mir looks hot.

  2. January 31, 2010 10:59 pm

    Priyanka, hopefully with her glasses!

    And yes, apna Salman Shahid was in ishqiya, and i liked him in it. Review soon, perhaps, if i feel like it.

    I think Faisal Qureshi always looks like a douche, with or without his beard… i guess it must be his hair… “eeew!”

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