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WTF-video of the week

February 17, 2010

So, I know I would slack on the blog, and I am, a bit. I had a few ideas that I was working on, which might have included like My Name Is Khan Edition: NSEERS, of why “Ali Maula” song from Kurbaan was so grossly inappropriate for Sunni-centred-terro-oh-god-aweful-romance (It doesn’t make sense, does it? Or was it just me?).  Then, this happened.

Hence, here goes a lazy post. Lets do the WTF video of the week! So, it was another close call this week with German-Bangladeshi rock song (with a heavily accented Bengali, I checked)  was a good candidate. However, a Sikh singing a Pakistani National song  beats that, hands down!

(Sikhs in Rangers, Sikhs in Traffic Police!)

And yes, I have subscribed to “Pak Army Channel” on Youtube!

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