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Hijab-mania and MSAs

April 5, 2010
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DISCLAIMER: I love my MSA! (given its very easy to guess which MSA it is), and don’t take what I’m saying VERY seriously… and i’m not insinuating anything…. and its not out to offend anyone… (Did I cover all my bases?)


Hijab-athon is on! Brilliant! I got his Facebook event notification in the morning from my university’s Muslim Student Association (MSA). Well, I’m not a progressivist pig, but dude, this is hilarious!

Hijabathon, Hijab

I don’t interact with my university’s Muslim Student Association much (apart from the time they organize free meals, and it’s a sin (a sign on nashukri) to shun free meals, methinks), and I don’t know what is the logic behind creating awareness about breast cancer by showcasing the adoption of overtly “Islamic” attire. Perhaps, it IS good marketing, and I wouldn’t know better! Damn you business studies, marketing courses, and blue sky thinking: Why did I look down upon thee?!

What is troubling, for me, is the propagation of the notion that the hijab somehow is “better”, by associating it with a positive outcome. This incentivisation of “musalman dressing” might be a brainchild of a naive undergraduate, but it might reflect the institutionalized morality (of the MSA) around the issue of hijab. Now, I’m very much a libertarian, and I believe one should be free to adorn whatever one feel’s like, given their beliefs and understanding of their beliefs (and cultural context). However, this just feels wrong!

As I never paid attention to what MSA were really up about apart from some random events, now I’m on a mission to sniff out any hints of Wahabisim! Wohoo! (I expect some hints of that for sure, because the International nature of the muslim student body in  the US  apparently makes it necessary to have a central ideal of what Islam is, or a concept of “pure” Islam, to be used as a unifying motif).

As this blog is more of a stream-of-consciousness, rather than a well-thought out piece of writing, I decided to use “Google”, which I rarely use when writing this crap. Apparently MSAs around the country are being monitored by dubious online organisations. DiscoverTheNetwork, A Guide to Political Left (Who proclaim that they are endorsed by Glenn Beck as a “fantastic resource”) term MSAs as

A key lobbying organization for the Wahhabi sect of Islam

This site has some fantastic background research, mostly taken from this website which has an entire “Jihad Watch” section.  And some links later, I found this video

Also,I found out that my university’s MSA co-founder was Ramzi Yousef, who is a cousin of Ma’am Aafia Siddiqui’s second husband, and is currently imprisoned for helping plan the 1993 World Trade Center bombing! Brilliant!!

However, the MSA’s national website states

MSA-National is a non-profit, 501(c) (3), tax-exempt organization that finances itself mainly by fundraising activities. We do not receive funding from overseas governments. We do not accept funding from any one source that might potentially seek control of MSA National’s agenda or affairs.

However, the BEST bit from the whole website came from this (from: How to start your own MSA chapter):

The establisher of an MSA should make the intention to establish an organization for the sake of Allah. Begin your journey by saying “Bismillahi ‘Rahman ar Raheem,” (In the Name of God) and pray that your MSA is successful, strong, and beneficial to all members and students alike

Now, I should shut up, get involved in the going-ons of the MSA, see how they are set up, what they do, and then perhaps confront them if I’m bored enough to do so. In the mean time, I will enjoy the new ballpoint I got for free. Yes, I just found it, and nobody gave it to me! KASME!

Finally, a shout out to another graduate from my alma mater (No nepotism, I have to like that shit to embed it here).

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  1. April 14, 2010 12:13 pm

    so i hadn’t visited this blog for a while, and as such i am doing a bit of trolling on the comment boards, hope you don’t get mind it.

    LOL is an overused, and overstated term, but the Glen Beck link about the MSA had me in stitches. lets just say that founding a muslim student union is the first step to jihad-hood. apparently the underwear bomber was the president of the similar association in King’s college in london, or some similar place.

    i officially *heart* your blog btw

  2. April 14, 2010 8:30 pm

    Oh thank you sir, and im officially humbled. glad my ramblings are relatable.

    and on a serious note, I actually have that CIA pen. I think I should ditch it before I head for the homeland…

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