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Lollywood: Sound of Wonder

April 17, 2010

Given I have to perform better academically, my posts for the next month or so would be quite derivative, starting from now on.

So, I am on the Tweetybird thing, for experimental purposes, and yesterday some brilliant Lollywood music was exchanged. It reminded me to be more Lollywood on my blog, and hence, my first full-fledged Lollywood ogle-fest post, apart from some stuff I’ve written on a couple of old Punjabi movies (Kartar Singh and Heer Ranjha).

1970s Lollywood was arguably the best time for Pakistani cinema, as some of the most iconic movies of the industry were made in that time period. However, it was also the beginning of the kitschy nature of some of the Lollywood production. I came across this collection of some of the weirder/awesome songs of the era. The collection was called “Sound of Wonder” and it was released in UK by Finder Keepers Records. Now 1970s music was much, much more than this collection, but collection had some weird/awesome tunes that I hadn’t heard before. Get the complete tracklisting (and a few free downloadable tracks) here. The Album also comes with a write up (and given my technical knowledge of music is zilch, so it helps)

…The hugely important musical business spawned a bi-product that was viewed as a potential earner for international entertainment industry, EMI, which allowed talented musicians to create ambitious music with world class mediums at there disposal, which throughout the 60s and 70s ranged from fuzz-guitars, space-echo machines and American and European synthesizers, but, due to the composers indigenous roots, rarely a drum-kit. Here you’ll find fuzzy, scuzzy, twang-happy, spaced-out and funked up urdu-grooves complete with harmonium melodies and driven by some of the most random factor, freakish, finger-numbing, percussion that the South East Asian mainstream has ever had to offer. However, there are some awesome tunes on the record, and here it goes. Now there are far superior tunes of the era, and perhaps that’s another post, for some another time.

The album consists of 15 songs, with most of the songs sung by Naheed Akhtar, with a few songs from A.Nayyar, Ahmed Rushdi, Noor Jehan, and one song by Runa Laila. Most of the music was composed by either Tafu or M. Ashraf, apart from one tune which was made by Nisar Bazmee. I present to you three songs from the album.

First of all, there is Noor Jehan singing “I Am Very Sorry” for the movie “Warrant” released in 1976 (And I heard this song on BBC Asian Network!)

# of Slaps: 2 (One playful, one not)

# of exaggerated winks: 2

# of shady looking men in an obviously bad Pathan costume =1

% of time spent the cameraman focuses in on the woman’s pants (front and back): 20%

From what it appears there’s going to be some robbery of sorts, hence the winks and the get ups! However, the performer mesmerizes us with her booty gyrating and shaking, while complaining that she has too many admirers, so she has to turn some guys down by saying “Sahab jee I’m very sorry” .

Next up, is the queen of 1970s Lollywood Urdu playback singing: Naheed Akhtar. It is from the movie, “Uff Yeh Beewiyaan”. The song features the majestic Shabnam. This song, ladies and gentlemen, is IN my mp3 player playlist. The groovy tribal drum beats are brilliant! “Dilbar Dilbaraaaaa… Jhum Jhum Chakha Chakha Jhum Kajhum.. Jhum Jhum Jhuuum Jhurooo” (Change to 480p resolution, and download the original mp3 from the link for best results!)

Rating for creating employment opportunities for minorities – Epic!

The finale of the song – Epic!

I vaguely remember this scene, yet I don’t remember seeing the movie. I think, from what I remember (and some basic guesswork given the title and the situation), this is an opening sequence of Shabnam to show her moral decadence or something. Shahid has to go out and get himself another wifey, it seems.

Next one up from Ahmed Rushdi’s ENGLISH rendition of Dama Dum Must Qalander/Lal Meri Pat! The song is called “Sound of Wonder” in the album, which gives the album its name.  Shahid busts a move poolside!

The quality of the video is not the best with some jumps in the video. However, the following video makes up for it.


Though the following song is not a part of the collection, it belongs in the collection in spirit. The, now, infamous Naheed Akhtar song, “Some Say I Am Sweety” (The unreleased version)

Lets get a Lollywood blogosphere going, people!

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  1. April 20, 2010 12:30 am

    its always great reading your posts for their exuberance, and the brilliant videos you find.

    one addition has to be the opening credits music for society girl (insanely good) and the brilliant song “Life is a Dance”

    “Life is a Dance/Let’s Enjoy/Don’t Ask Why/Don’t be Silly/Come and Dance/ hay-hai!”

  2. April 20, 2010 1:21 am

    Well, as I see it, I could do “proper” writing on stuff, but then a) I wouldn’t be THAT great in that (My writing skills aren’t at the SS level, sadly), b) It wouldn’t be as fun for me to do so, c) There’s no pressure to be “right”. I just write, and whatever is fleeting through my mind, goes here. Perhaps when I have more time, I could do some more fun stuff.

    *Looking for that opening sequence*

  3. April 20, 2010 1:22 am

    .. and Thanks man 🙂

    Btw, my screenplay for Ainak Wala Jinn: The Movie is like a desi Doctor Who! Which is brilliant, I think!

  4. May 15, 2010 3:41 pm

    Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!

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