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The Great Reema Youtube-Vaganza!

November 16, 2011

Reema is pulling off a Madhuri! She is leaving the film industry and getting all settled down with a nice little doctor in North America. Congratulations to her!

This is, then, a good time to look back at her career.

Reema Khan has been in the Pakistani film “industry” for over 20 years! That’s a massive achievement! Mainstream Heroes can barely do 20 years in the industry, let alone a Heroine. She has been an institution of sorts, always conducting herself with a certain grace and charm. That might seem like a bit fake sometimes, but it is admirable nonetheless. It should be also noted that she hasn’t worked with the “good” directors of the industry; i.e. Javed Sheikh, post-Chooriyaan Syed Noor etc. Also she hasn’t been attached to any of the “big-glamour-projects” over the last decade. Yet she dominates our image of what Pakistani film industry is.

Is she our version of Salman Khan? Nay, even better! She is the modern-day Anjuman! Also, it might be criminal to still look that damn fine, when someone is over 40yo. Damn Woman!

This calls for a big old fashion Reema Youtube Marathon! Oh yeaah brother!!

Lets start off with her debut movie, Bulandi. In 1990, she kicked it off with equally tween looking Shaan. It was just the start a young budding actress needed, and she was suddenly the talk of the town.

Here she is just kicking it up with Shaan in Bulandi, her debut in 1990

She kicked off her epic pairing with Babar Ali after Shaan went all AWOL. Look at their chemistry in this song Tukar Tukar, from Munda Bigra Jaye from 1995

She went epic kitsch in this song “Ship By Ship” from SaRak (1995)

Also, this EPIC song from the movie “Jo Darr Gaya Woh Marr Gaya” – 1995

This song is CLASSIC just because of the number of Animated GIFs one can make out of it!




Here they are boogying it down from the 1996 movie “Miss Istanbul” – Chaar DinoN ki baat hay

This song is worth the amazing Random-Russian-Gori-Girl-Fierce-Pose-Off at 3:10 mark, from Talismi Jazeera (1996)

Here’s Reema doing her thang on Daanay Pe Daana!

For some Tango with Babar Ali in Moskwa, here’s Aye Thee College Parhnay (AkhiyaaN Lar Gaiyen Aan Chittay Munday De Naal) -1997

Again from 1997, here’s Hum Tumhaare Hain from Hum Tumhaare Hain! This is just worth all the Babar Ali-Reema dance moves!

She turned on the charm in this great song from the movie Nikah – Resham Kay Lehnga Mera. The movie reunited the Shaan-Reema pairing after a long long time!

And she turned on more of THAT chemistry in this really nice song from 1999. Though, easily the best part of the song are its’ two great singers Ghulam Abbas and oh-so-underrated Shabnam Majeed


Aaja Nee Baija Cycle Te

Also in 2000, she had a minor role in Shaan’s second directorial venture “Mujhay Caand Chahiye”, where she had an artsy fartsy song routine with Moammar Rana

She really took a back-seat in 2000s, where she only did a handful of films. However, she went into directing and producing movies. Her first directorial venture was “Koi Tujh Sa Kahan”(2005), which did quite well apparently.

In 2006, she featured in this movie (which is creatively titled) “One 2 Ka One”. She is looking mighty fine! So is Saima! Woof! Both are going for Lucky Mr Moammar Rana in this one (I guessing he has a double role as one of the looks of Mr. Rana is all combed out, the other is all scruffy disheveled)

Which leads us to “Love Mein Ghum” (2011), her swansong movie. She directed, produced, and then starred in it. Unlike her first movie, I actually saw this movie, and let me tell you something: It was utter trash. I couldn’t even enjoy it unironically. I might write something about it in the coming weeks, but it was horrible! The movie took itself so seriously, and it didn’t have the goods to back up the claim. Having said that, stylishly speaking, it looked beautiful!

Though, I would like to thank Reema for everything she has done. Kitsch factor apart, she made it through a society which is totally bent towards subjugating women: And she made it through being fabulously awesome! Thank you for the memories, Reema!

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  1. Emad Khan permalink
    November 16, 2011 10:37 pm

    Awesome piece! U did justice to it all! I wanna see all the videos now!

  2. December 10, 2011 7:52 am

    my favorite reema songs, kal chand ki chaudhveen raat mein from nikah and mera ang ang tarpe from jo darr gaya wo marr gaya. nice post. mahi mahi from that double role movie wasnt bad. babar ali makes moammar rana look like hrithik roshan. first 15 secs of that hum tumhare hain song are classy.

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