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A Twitter Conversation Regarding “Mera Laung Gawacha”

April 5, 2011

Sometimes I LOVE twitter. A conversation regarding what the song “Mera Laung Gawacha”  really meant, got initiated after a friend said that it had sexual connotations. First, lets look at Anjuman swinging her booty on Musarrat Nazir

These are the lyrics of the songs (as I understand them to be, which are very different from some of the lyrics I found online, which do not make any sense to me)

Piche piche aaunda meri chal venda aaieN) - 2
Chear Waliya vekhda aaye ve mera laung gawacha
nigah marda aaieN ve mera laung gawacha

Dil de pHariyan kyun maarna ae taanay ve
milan main aayi tenu roti de bahanay ve
roti de bahanay ve) - 2

milna aayi te mil warna rus jaanwaaN gee sada lein
minataaN tu karke manayi ve, mera laung gawacha
niggah mar da aaye ve mera laung gawacha
Kaali kaali aayi si main kaliyaaN de haeth di
kandiya see ghoont maiN awaaz sun Jaeth di
avaaz nu dekhdi - 2
mainue shaq panda main nakh nu phurakh ke dig paiya hoon dungee paieeN ve,  mera laung gawacha
niggaH marda aaye ve mera alung gawacha

Further additions to this conversations/interpretation to the song are highly welcomed.

The conversation/tweets might be altered for clarity purposes

Me: Im in shock! A friend just informed me that the song “Laung Gawacha” is about losing virginity! Mindfuck completed!

@sepoy: hence the role played by laung in wedding ceremonies etc

Me: With respect to the last tweet, the woman is clearly telling the guy to follow her, makes it clear that she made an excuse to be there & he better deliver.

Me: And also emphasizes that she is impatient, coming from a line of impatient people, and he better get down to “looking for it”. Love it!

@kaalakawaa: I don’t believe it. But the “roti de bahaanay vay” line is quite incriminating.

@dotfuz: so “nose stud” is a metaphor for “virginity”? :S

@zakoota: Also the fact that she’s constantly telling him to keep and eye out for her lost..virginity? Nigah maar da aeen vay.

@kalakawa: We’re taking “kaali” in the song as the Punjabi colloquial for impatience right? Fishy indeed.

Me: @kaalakawaa Haha, I dont know. Also “Kaali Kaali Aiee Se Main KaaliyaaN De Haeth Di” is also fishy! I adore it more now, actually!

@sabaimtiaz: what a great song… And I think everyone uses a version of the roti de bahane vey excuse.

@kalakawa: .@dishoompk’s discovery that Laung Gavacha is about the girl losing her virginity has seriously blown my mind. He’s right too. Listen.

@shahidsaeed: @dishoompk so this means we see teenagers and oldies, girls and old ladies, singing the tune of loss of virginity every wedding @kaalakawaa

Me: @shahidsaeed @kaalakawaa Oh we are a raunchy bunch, aren’t we?! We should rediscover our roots. Down with prude middle class social ethics!

.. then the conversation drifted towards a gang of transvestite serial killers, Meera Jee and her WAG status.

Addendum: The original source adds, “The first lyric, mera laung gawacha, why is there so much fuss over just laung, right? Another name for laung is “nath”. In slang when a girl loses her virginity, it is said that her “nath” is removed.

Why is the girl telling the guy with “impeccable hair style” to look at her gait. Why? because she is a woman now, her gait has changed. She is no longer a girl with an awkward waddle but a woman with grace.”

Please contribute to this great conversation!


We are all gearing up for one thing!

March 27, 2011
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Desi Mixtape 5: Cheesy Kiya?

March 6, 2011

Well, the mixtapes are back, and they are going to the craptastic! I am still trying to figure out a more desirable pacing of the mixtape, or what songs go well together – hence this experiment has been more interesting than I thought I would be.

Listen from here or Download from here

Feel free to recommend songs for the next mixtape.

1. Brooklyn Qawwali Party – Mast Mast

These guys are based out of… take a wild guess… go on! Essentially a group of musicians that came together and reworked some of the greatest hits of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan on jazz instruments! And I love the results. You can see the video of the band performing Mast Mast here

2. Overload – Amjad Khan

Sadly, the band is no more, the form it was that made us love them when they released their last album Pichal Pairee. Meesha Shafi, combined with the boys, created the magic that the album was. Meesha and her husband have now left the band. In that honor, I’m adding “Amjad Khan” track to this mixtape. I have a sneaky feeling that the future mixtapes might feature of Overload’s work

3. Sabri Brothers – Tishnagi Ko Jhinjor Detay Hain

This qawwali is a bit longer (as all qawwalis are), but this must be the funkiest qawwali you might have ever heard. Win

4. Darling – Aa Khushi Se Khudkushi Kar Le (Remix)

Pritam and Sunidi Chauhan combine to give such a craptastic song, that it is still on my playlist, 4 years after the soundtrack was released. Its cheesy, and I love it! And the makers of the song know this, as the video only includes an immense number of pelvic thrusts! And not some ordinary pelvic thrusts: those were Jiah Khan pelvic thrusts.

5. DJ Dev – Ole Ole Remix

No comments! Just enjoy the Sakshay love!

6. Bumbu Sauce – Bunaayn(za)

Originally, it is one of the classic poems by Anwar Masood.

The Punkjabi boys have punked it up. This is brilliant, and I also have a sneaky feeling that more of their work might be featured on the future mixtapes.

90s Pakistani-Pop Fluff Dhamaka

This was bound to happen. I grew up in the 90s, and had only terrestrial TV to keep myself amused. Hence, I have fan of the fluffy Pakistani Pop of the 1990s.

7. Haroon – Yaara

….. and this song will never make another appearance on any other mixtape. But those guitar riffs! Hayeee!

8. Ali Haider – Zaalim Nazron Se (Jadu Album Remix)

Before the current bout of madness, our reputed ex-friend-of-the-Dorothy Ali Haider had another bout of madness in the late twentieth century. Apparently, impressed by some drug fueled club experiences he had in the UK, he came out with his own trashy house music album in 2000, called Jadu! It was CRAPTASTIC! I think I might be the only person in the world that enjoys this album (and certain members of my family… “Banere Uttay Aa.. Banare Uttay Aa”…

However, he remixed some of his previous hits; in what he thought was good house music. I still adore his remix of Zaalim Nazron Se

9. Hadiqa Kiyani – Dupatta (Remix)

YES! “Dupatta Mera Malmal Kaaaaaaa! Karooun Kiya Is Chanchal Kaaaaaaa”

Rock Music, according to Bollywood

February 25, 2011



P.S. I reserved some seriously mean spirited comments about Farhan’s acting abilities. You can make your own mean statement about it. Cheerios!

Tumblr Me Softy..

February 18, 2011

So, given the banal nature of my everyday cultural exploration, I thought that Tumblr is a good platform for day to day sharing. (Twitter feeds get lost, for me atleast)

My Tumblr is

Be Kind, Rewind

WTF video of the week: Is your plan more Awesomer than Jiggy? [Updated]

January 28, 2011

I really don’t know much about this guy or whether it is a spoof or not, but I’ll say, it is epic! I don’t know if it is making rounds or not, I had to share this!

And I will add more information about it later! But Enjoy


My bad! Apparently, it is a part of viral marketing for Mobilink Zong mobile services in Pakistan. They had a couple of more similar videos, which are also very funny.


Location, Location, Location

January 27, 2011

Hello World! Its not a writer’s block, but more like a lack of interest from my side. Also, my laptop got all screwed up, and I’m still going through setting my new baby “Mah-raani” with the all softwares, and other “entertainment contents”.

Though I thought I should try and rekindle this blog thing.

For some odd reasons, I was thinking about the most oft used locations in Pakistani media contents. (especially the Lahore based ones). Apparently there is a lack of grand locations to shoot in the country, and most directors end up using the same locales. Ofcourse, nobody has never asked anyone to list these, but I’m still doing it. Because nobody’s gonna be this lame.

Mian Salli’s Haveli – Lahore

Where you might have seen it: Khuda Kay Liye, Tere Pyaar Main, A billion music videos.

Located somewhere near the inner Lahore, this Haveli is a landmark (it has certainly has become one recently though) in Pakistani entertainment circle. I think I have been there once, but its all a haze, so I do not know where exactly it is. But that is not important, right here, right now.

Owned by Yousuf Sallauhuddin, this haveli has been a part of more social events than Sunday page 6 pages, than my limited memory can ever process. The images of the said Haveli is so ingrained in my mind by so much exposure that I might unfavorably judge something which might feature it.

It was Naseeruddin Shah’s haveli in Khuda Kay Liye. It was Shaan’s residence in Tere Pyaar Main, which was the ancestoral home of Zara Sheikh before her family moved to India at the Partition (It was also when Shaan’s character saw Zara Sheikh’s character naked, and he fell for her)* It was also featured in numerous music videos, including Hadiqa Kiani’s Boohay Barian and Abrar-ul-Haq‘s Punjabi Touch (or was it Nach Punjaban/Nach Majajan).

It also holds random music performances – which apparently are so common, there is a whole page dedicated to it.

* As a side note, I have a new found respect for the movie Tere Pyaar Main, because it was the debut of Veena Malik! And also it had an adorable attempt to have a Taj Mahal replica in a song sequence, which was hilariously screwed up when the director decided to include day shots in the video.

King Edward Medical College, Lahore

Where you might have seen it: Khuda Kay Liye, Jinnah, Jal, Faraz Khosa

Certainly a very odd place to be used that often for shooting purposes. The old British Raj era King Edward Medical College building, located next to the Mayo Hospital, Neela Gumbad and Anarkali Bazaar in Lahore, is a classic example of Anglo-Indian architecture. I wouldn’t have known about this building being involved in these projects if some members from my immediate family were not associated with the said college. Also, it was a pit stop to many a trips to Anarkali and its’ diarrehea inducing Dahi Bhallas. Its an amazing parking spot, bitches!

If one remembers a movie called, Jinnah (and who does?), which featured Christopher Lee**. I donot remember the movie that much, but there was a rioting scene in a movie which was filmed in the said location. The only screen caps I can actually get is from that Junoon’s OST of the said movie.

Then it was again featured in Khuda Ke Liye, where it was masqueraded as a court house. WTF is the deal with the big Pakistani flag in the background, man!!

It was also used in Faraz Khosa’s video, and then in Jal’s Ek Din Ayega. To be fair, in the later, it was used for what it was.

** How will the maulvis’ react, when they see the same Christopher Lee who played Jinnah, doing Gothic Metal Rock?! Yay!

National College of Arts, Lahore

Where You might have seen it: So much good shit that I once wanted to study there, just for the campus.

Do I have to say anything about it? It is one of the most influential college campuses, as far as Pakistani cultural domain is concerned- from when Nayyara Noor and Arshad Mahmood were students there, to when Video Junction took off and it changed the media landscape of the country. It was in so much good shit. Over the recent years talent like the guys from Video Junction (Dr. Aur Billa, Faisal Qureshi, Ahsan Rahim), and Kollege Jeans, and they used their college in what they made. Also, this very fun song was shot there as well, from Shaan directorial venture Mujhe Chand Chahiye.

Honorable Mentions:

The Worn-Down Mansion, Karachi Jal’s Aadat (with Atif Aslam), Kaavish’s Bachpan, Numerous TV shows

The House with weird windows: It has been a staple for cheap sitcoms out of Lahore since PTV World began transmission – most notably in Family Front.

If you guys have more suggestions, just let me know in the comment sextion.